Feminists Open Shelter For Migrants In Mexico Hoping To Enter The US

Posted 49 days ago


An anti-abortion feminist organization recently opened a shelter for migrant women in Mexico seeking to enter the U. S.

New Wave Feminists seeks to provide migrant women with women’s health services and a place to stay during their journeys, according to its website. The shelter will provide free STD testing, well-woman exams, sonograms and pregnancy support.

New Wave Feminists is openly against abortion and their stance plays a role in the new shelter, which will also provide resources to women from the U. S. seeking abortions in Mexico.

“With the legalization of abortion in Mexico, as well as the newly enacted heartbeat bill in Texas, women WILL be crossing the border to access abortion services,” the organization said on its website.

“Giving women true choices, means offering them alternatives to terminations as well. This property will allow us not only to serve migrant mothers in Juarez, and the community as a whole, but also women crossing the border who might be unsure of the decision they’re about to make,” it added.

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