Gov. Abbott's 'Parental Bill of Rights' gives parents primary power on children's education

Posted 113 days ago

From ABC13.COM

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Gov. Greg Abbott unveiled a proposal which he said would give parents more power and say as to what their kids learn in school.

On Thursday, Abbott introduced his "Parental Bill of rights" during a campaign stop in Lewisville.

"Under the Bill of rights, we will amend the Texas Constitution to make clear that parents are the primary decision-makers in all matters involving their children," Abbott said.

He adds that parents have a right to know what their child is being taught in school.

Abbott said the plan would expand parents' access to school curriculum, make materials easily accessible online or other means, and reassure parents their concerns about school curriculum and policies are heard.

"Texas will give parents the option to decide if their child should repeat a course or grade level instead of leaving that decision solely to the school district," Abbott said.

He added the proposal is also aimed at protecting students from harmful and obscene content in schools.

"Texas will ensure that any educational personnel who was convicted of providing minors with obscene content will lose their educational credentials and state licensing, forfeit their retirement benefits and be placed on a 'do not hire list," he said....(Read more)