Voters sound off on 'insane' state of economy under Biden, say he's 'listening to too many liberals'

Posted 112 days ago


President Biden has been facing a rough week after marking his first year in office. Based on the latest Sunday shows, voters from across all political backgrounds have begun to take notice.

On CBS’ "Face the Nation," host Margaret Brennan appeared with a "Listening to America" focus group of voters to discuss issues concerning Americans. Among the six voters on the panel, not a single person claimed that Americans were in a better place than they were a year ago.

"All of you are saying no, even though the jobs picture is brighter, even though the direction of the economy recovery is happening," Brennan said.

Some of the voters on Brennan’s panel blamed "Covid fatigue" for the unfortunate state.

"They’re kind of in a lag on the science," Independent Trump voter Beth said.

"I think this whole country is suffering from Covid fatigue at this point. It has become confusing and depressing," Biden voter Mildred commented.

However, Brennan then asked, "Are you all concerned about rising prices and inflation?," to which every panelist agreed.

"I go to the grocery store now—I'm paying double the amount I was paying even a few months ago. Everything's gone up!" Mildred said.

The sentiment continued on NBC’s "Meet the Press" where host Chuck Todd spoke with ... (Read more)