‘Just turned into this orgy’: First accuser testifies at Ghislaine Maxwell trial

Posted 54 days ago


A woman who says she was sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein testified on Tuesday that Ghislaine Maxwell helped lure her into his orbit when she was just 14  and described how the depraved duo were “giggling” when they first molested her together.

The alleged victim, an actress identified by the pseudonym “Jane” in court, said she was at Epstein’s Palm Beach, Florida, mansion in 1994 when the pedophile and his accused madam led her upstairs to his bedroom, moved her over to the bed and “took their clothes off.”

“They started to sort of like fondle each other,” she said, adding that they were “casually giggling” as she stood there.

“He asked me to take my top off,” the witness continued. “Then there were hands everywhere and Jeffrey proceeded to masturbate again. And Ghislaine was like rubbing on him, kissing on him.”

Other times, Jane said the sick pair would lead her to a massage table inside a room at the house and show her how Epstein liked to be rubbed down.

“During these incidents did Maxwell ever touch your body?” Assistant US Attorney Alison Moe asked.

She also described group sex sessions taking place at Epstein’s lavish home in the mid-1990s, when she and others, including Maxwell, would “abruptly” be summoned to his bedroom or a massage room.

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“She, along with others, would just start taking their clothes off,” the woman, now in her 40s, replied. “Jeffrey would get on the massage table.”

“It would just, you know, turn into this orgy.”

The witness — one of four alleged victims mentioned in the indictment against the British socialite — was the first accuser to take the stand at the Manhattan trial, telling jurors how Maxwell was there when she was abused by Epstein, at least through the age of 16.

“I don’t know, but more than twice,” the woman said when asked how many times Maxwell was present when Epstein abused her.

“It’s hard to remember because I was abused pretty much every time I would go over to his house and it all started to seem the same after a while.”

Her voice broke as she described once being called to Epstein’s bedroom during a trip to New Mexico with the sick financier and Maxwell.

“My heart sank in my stomach,” she said, “Because I did not want to go see him.”

Jane said she met Maxwell and Epstein in 1994, during the summer between 7th and 8th grade, when she was at music Camp Interlochen in Michigan. Her composer dad had died suddenly of leukemia about nine months earlier, and... (Read more)