Cheney says a lot of GOP lawmakers have privately encouraged her fight against Trump

Posted 20 days ago


Republican Rep. Liz Cheney (Wyo.) in a new interview said a number of GOP lawmakers have privately encouraged her high-profile fight against former President Trump.

Cheney — during an interview with Lesley Stahl on CBS’s “60 Minutes” that is airing on Sunday — said GOP senators and House members have secretly encouraged her anti-Trump efforts.

“Have members of Congress, Republicans, come up to you privately and whispered in your ear, ‘Way to go, Liz’ and encouraged you but won't come forward and say that publicly?” Stahl asked Cheney.

“Yes,” Cheney responded.

When asked if “a lot” of lawmakers have taken part in such encouragement, Cheney replied, “Yes,” adding, “Both in the House and the Senate.”

When pressed on why Republican members who support her actions refuse to do so publicly, Cheney pointed to the notion that GOP lawmakers would be in “political peril” for going against the former president, an idea that she called a “self-fulfilling prophecy.”

“The argument that you often hear is that if you do something that is perceived as against Trump that, you... (Read more)