Democratic Sen Chris Coons Suggests A ‘Quid Pro Quo’ To Confirm Biden Picks, Delay Trump Impeachment Trial

Posted 40 days ago


Democratic Delaware Sen. Chris Coons suggested Thursday a “quid pro quo” between Senate Democrats and Republicans to have President Joe Biden’s cabinet nominees confirmed quickly in exchange for delaying the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump.

Coons appeared on CNN’s “The Situation Room” and was asked by host Wolf Blitzer if he and his fellow Senate Democrats would support Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s proposal to delay the impeachment trial to February.

“I think Democrats will be open to considering a delay that allows former President Trump time to assemble his legal team and his defense for the impeachment trial if we are making progress on confirming the very talented, seasoned and diverse team that President Joe Biden has nominated to serve in his Cabinet,” Coons answered.

Trump was impeached Jan. 13 by the House of Representatives but left office when his term ended on Jan. 20. The start date of the Senate trial has yet to be determined. The Senate has already started the hearing and confirmation processes for some of Biden’s nominees. As of Thursday one nominee has already been confirmed.

“These are critical positions to have filled in most administrations for decades. They are filled at the very beginning of... (Read more)