Lochel's Bakery Cookie Poll Update

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Posted 78 days ago

Update on Lochel's Bakery, Hatboro, PA Cookie Poll:




From 6abc.com

It's a heated election season and political conversations can get a little tricky. But in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, a bakery is adding a little levity by making the race more fun and delicious.

Political cookies flying off the shelves at Lochel's Bakery in Hatboro. They feature the name and party color of each candidate. The bakery tallies the sales like votes in an unofficial, tasty little poll that's now sweeping the nation.

"Everyone can agree on a cookie," says Kathleen Lochel, the owner of Lochel's Bakery.

But this is an election year and that means everyone's picking their cookie on party lines.

"Since Pennsylvania is such a hot state, people are saying, 'Okay, I want my candidate to win. I'm buying the cookie,'" says Lochel, who started making the candidate cookies in 2008.

For the past three elections, the sugary sales have accurately predicted the presidential winner.