Ricky Gervais Says ‘Outrage Mobs’ Would Have Prevented ‘The Office’ If Produced Today

Posted 24 days ago


Ricky Gervais came out against cancel culture Friday, saying that his award-winning show “The Office” would have suffered if it was released today.

He said in an interview with Times Radio that now, the show “would suffer because people would take things literally,” the Evening Standard reported.

“There are these outrage mobs who take things out of context,” he added, and when it comes to comedy, “the BBC have got to be more and more careful.”

“This was a show about everything – it was about difference, it was about sex, race, all the things that people fear to even be discussed or talked about now, in case they say the wrong thing and they are canceled.”

Gervais wrote and directed the 2001 British comedy, in which he also played that main character, David Brent. The show centers around David’s awkward and sometimes inappropriate jokes, which his staff grudgingly puts up with to ge... (Read more)