Trump declares Democrats ‘party of socialism and worse’ during trip to Florida

Posted 24 days ago


President Trump on Friday, in a roundtable meeting with Venezuelan expatriates in Florida, took aim at Democrats -- calling them “the party of socialism and worse” as he seeks to draw a distinction on issues such as funding law enforcement and tearing down statues.

“Republicans are the party of freedom, Democrats are the party of socialism and worse,” he said.

Speaking to Venezuelan nationals who fled the socialist regime of dictator Nicolas Maduro, Trump then described presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden as a “puppet” being used by radical left-wing activists who want to tear down statues of historic figures and who want to impose socialism.

“Now Joe Biden and the radical left are trying to impose the same system -- socialism plus -- in America,” he said. "Biden is a puppet of Bernie Sanders, AOC, the militant left, people who want to rip down statues and monuments to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Jesus."

It comes as Trump has sought to draw a contrast between himself and former Vice President Biden and the Democrats on cultural and social questions that have been part of a fiery debate in recent weeks -- such as whether to tear down statues of past American leaders, and about defunding police departments.

Trump accused Biden--the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee--of having been part of the Obama administration’s “pro-communist” policies in relation to Cuba's Castro regime. Trump said that if elected, Biden would leave Americans at the mercy of a “socialist mob” at home.

“Biden wants to defund the police, he wants to call the cops the enemy which he did the other day, leaving every citizen at the mer... (Read more)