Warriors' Steve Kerr says Trump is 'drawing the battle lines for the election' amid George Floyd protests

Posted 32 days ago


Golden State Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr took aim at President Trump’s response to the George Floyd protests on Friday saying that he’s “drawing the battle lines for the election.”

Kerr told NBC Sports that Trump has presented himself as the “law and order president” amid the recent protests and demonstrations that followed the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old Minneapolis man who died on May 25 while in police custody.

"Trump is drawing the battle lines for the election," Kerr said. "He's now just paving the way for, 'I'm the law and order president, and you've got to vote for me unless you want the chaos to ensue.' Which is ironic because chaos has ensued under his own administration.”

He continued: “This is the beginning of what's going to be a chaotic campaign. Trump, as he's been doing for not only his presidency, but for much of his adult life, he's just trying to divide people and stir up the pot. And as I said, he's drawing the lines and trying to bring his supporters to the side."

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