White House to be under siege Saturday as protesters plan massive swarm on Washington

Posted 107 days ago


Demonstrators are expected to swell the area around the White House Saturday, placing President Trump and the White House under siege and testing his law-and-order message.

D. C. Metropolitan Police said the event "may be one of the largest we've had in the city."

Calls for action shared on Twitter, including one by a group called Refuse Fascism, say demonstrators will meet outside Lafayette Park, an area forcefully cleared of people on Monday before Trump's trip across the square for a photograph holding a Bible in front of St. John's Episcopal Church.

“Trump has unleashed US military police and threatened to call out the military nationwide to crush the righteous George Floyd protests against police murder,” reads a statement by the group, which calls for an end to "police murder of black people," a "fascist police state," a "fascist military war on the people," and for Trump and Vice President Mike Pence to leave office.

Trump was scheduled to fly to his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club, but the trip was canceled. "The president’s looking forward to another working weekend," a senior administration official told Politico.

Adam Parkhomenko, a Democratic strategist who served as a national field director for the Democratic National Committee in 2016, claimed a million protesters might show up in Washington.

Other demonstrations are expected to take place, including a march organized by No Justice No Peace, beginning at 2 p.m. outside the Dirksen Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill.

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