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Bezos vs. Biden: Amazon founder says White House using 'misdirection' to 'muddy the topic' on inflation 1 hour ago

WaPo columnist says country should be 'grateful' that Biden is doing 'effectively nothing' to fight inflation 1 hour ago

Jury selected in Durham-Sussmann trial: Opening arguments, testimony from Democratic lawyer Marc Elias to come 2 hours ago

Migrant encounters at southern border sets new record as Biden prepares to end Title 42 2 hours ago

Bill Maher panel mocks Biden's 'ultra-MAGA' attack: 'Sounds like a condom' 3 hours ago

Michelle Obama worries overturning Roe v. Wade will strip 'womxn' of their right to healthcare 3 hours ago

DeSantis signs bill making it illegal to protest in front of an individual's home 3 hours ago

Senate to Advance $40 Billion Ukraine Aid Package Despite Objections by Sen. Rand Paul 4 hours ago

White House Unveils Plan to Address Housing Supply Shortages 4 hours ago

Poll: Voters Say They Will Stop Using Companies That Push Political Agendas They Disagree With 5 hours ago

Maggie Peterson, Actress on ‘The Andy Griffith Show,’ Dies at 81 5 hours ago

Poll: Democratic Party Has Lowest Net Favorability Rating Compared To Eight Other Political Figures And Institutions 6 hours ago

Clarence Thomas to Reporters: "I will absolutely leave the Court when I do my job as poorly as you do yours" 6 hours ago

Elon Musk sends poop emoji to Twitter CEO in response to thread on spam, fake accounts 7 hours ago

GOP senator apologizes after boos for ‘two sexes’ remarks 7 hours ago

Judge: California's women on boards law is unconstitutional 8 hours ago

Amber Heard Testifies About Poop in Bed, Blames Depp's Dog 8 hours ago

Supreme Court hands Ted Cruz victory in case regarding federal campaign law 9 hours ago

Police Say Buffalo Shooter Investigated Previously For Earlier Threat 9 hours ago

Fairfax Public Schools consider rule suspending students for 'malicious misgendering' 10 hours ago

1200 Migrants Apprehended in Single Day in West Texas near Border 10 hours ago

Supreme Court hands Ted Cruz victory in case regarding federal campaign law 11 hours ago

Liz Cheney blames GOP leaders for enabling White racism days after Buffalo shooter's attack 11 hours ago

'Rust' producer says Alec Baldwin film will be completed following death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins 12 hours ago

Conservatives rejoice when Fauci says he'll leave White House if Trump wins 2024 election: 'Sayonara' 12 hours ago

Pennsylvania US Senate Candidate Fetterman Hospitalized After Stroke 13 hours ago

‘This Is Just The Beginning Of The Extreme Right-Wing’: New Jersey Democrat Warns Crowd About Overturning Roe 14 hours ago

David McCormick Closing Video Ad: ‘I’ve Been America First my Whole Life’ 15 hours ago

Report: Joe Biden Instructing Staff to Shift to Campaign Mode 16 hours ago

Jeff Bezos says Manchin saved Biden administration ‘from themselves’ 17 hours ago

McConnell calls on Biden to name Russia a state sponsor of terrorism 18 hours ago

Blackburn: Baby Formula Shortage 'Shows You How Broken This Administration Is' 19 hours ago

Fauci says he'll leave White House if Trump wins 2024 election 20 hours ago

WNBPA calls on Biden, Harris to help free Brittney Griner from detention in Russia 1 day ago

Buffalo shooting suspect allegedly made threat against school in 2021, underwent mental health evaluation 1 day ago

Small groups of protesters show up at Supreme Court justices' homes to push for Roe v. Wade 1 day ago

Oklahoma Gov. defends strict abortion law, addresses whether 'super liberal' tribal clinics may use loophole 1 day ago

Americans increasingly believe acceptance of trans identity has gone too far: Poll 1 day ago

Cost of living, economy still dominate Americans minds despite Roe leak: Poll 1 day ago

Fauci says he would not serve under Trump again 1 day ago

Bloomberg op-ed states the Federal Reserve likely expects a recession 1 day ago

NY Times editorial board says 'canceling student debt across the board' is 'a bad idea' 1 day ago

Jeff Bezos Takes Aim at Biden Administration Over Inflation Tweets 1 day ago

Buffalo shooting suspect allegedly made threat against school in 2021, underwent mental health evaluation 1 day ago

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul says deadly Buffalo shooting was "white supremacy terrorism" 1 day ago

Pelosi: Current Supreme Court ‘dangerous’ for families, freedom 1 day ago

Pelosi says ‘creature’ Trump made Supreme Court ‘dangerous,’ ‘anti-freedom’ 1 day ago

Wisconsin middle schoolers accused of sexual harassment for using wrong gender pronouns 1 day ago

Biden Blames Trump For State of Economy: "We inherited an economy on the brink of the great depression" 1 day ago

India, the world's second-largest wheat producer, bans all wheat exports after record-breaking heatwave 1 day ago

Biden calls for end to ‘hate-fueled domestic terrorism’ after Buffalo mass shooting 1 day ago

House Republicans, led by Rep. Roy, introduce bill to suspend entry of illegal immigrants into US 1 day ago

Bill Maher rails against Nina Jankowicz, 'Disinfo Governance Board': 'These are not bright people' 1 day ago

Bezos Criticizes Biden Over Inflation Tweet, Says Disinformation Board Should Fact Check President's Tweet 1 day ago

'Squad' members and progressive Democrats all vote for $40 billion war package for Ukraine despite condemning military spending in the past 1 day ago

Louisiana security guard accused of helping 3 incarcerated teens escape; all 4 missing 1 day ago

Britney Spears Shares Devastating Family News: ‘We Have Lost Our Miracle’ 1 day ago

Justice Clarence Thomas says abortion leak has changed Supreme Court 1 day ago

House Democrats stall measure boosting security for SCOTUS justices, claim bill should include law clerks 1 day ago

Obama encourages people to take part on abortion rights protests 1 day ago

Maher: There Is a Government Position on Protesting at a Justice's House 'It's Against the Law' 1 day ago

Texas to provide Mexican state with razor wire, training for border security 2 days ago

Trump Endorses Mastriano in Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Race 2 days ago

Shooter Kills 10, Wounds Three In Buffalo Grocery Store; Authorities Investigating As Racially Motivated Attack 2 days ago

Biden hemorrhaging Trump voters who supported him in 2020 2 days ago

Clinton associates step away from BLM on eve of disclosure  2 days ago

Clarence Thomas Has New Message Over 'Tremendously Bad' Roe v. Wade Leak 2 days ago

A 'Perfect Storm': Sharp Rise in Home Prices, Mortgage Rates Driving Working Americans out of the Market 2 days ago

GOP Congressmembers consider subpoenaing Nancy Pelosi after midterms, citing new 'precedent' set by January 6 panel 2 days ago

Bill Maher blasts Biden's 'Ministry of Truth,' warns Democrats that the Disinformation Governance Board would have had a field day with Obama's big lie 2 days ago

White House says it 'misstated' that vaccines were unavailable when President Biden took office 2 days ago

McConnell Leads Secret Meeting Of Republican Senators In Ukraine 2 days ago

Bette Midler blasted for telling moms to ‘Try breastfeeding!’ amid formula shortage 2 days ago

Bill Gates: ‘Tragic’ if conspiracies about me are keeping people from getting vaccinated 2 days ago

Putin warns Finland NATO membership would harm relations 2 days ago

MSNBC column claims homeschooling is racist, part of ‘extreme’ ‘evangelical war’ to ‘dismantle’ public schools 2 days ago

Fired UK Cop Faces Jail for 'Grossly Offensive' George Floyd Memes 2 days ago

National gas price average hits new record high at $4.45 per gallon 2 days ago

Jan. 6 investigators found evidence they cannot ignore, says reporter 2 days ago

Sen. Ron Johnson: Pro-life office firebombing ‘fits’ FBI definition of ‘domestic terrorism’ 2 days ago

Melania Trump takes shot at Biden over baby formula shortage 2 days ago

AP Ridiculed for ‘Bizarre’ Attack on Elon Musk’s Free Speech 2 days ago

Democratic majority leader says Republicans shouldn't criticize Biden when 'we're at war' 2 days ago

Pennsylvania family of girl who died trying social media challenge sues TikTok 2 days ago

Poll: Donald Trump Maintains Majority Support as Party's Frontrunner 2 days ago

‘That’s Not True’: CNN’s Jake Tapper Rips Biden Admin For ‘Politicizing The Pandemic’ 2 days ago

School District Sues Three Middle School Students For Allegedly Using Wrong Pronouns 2 days ago

Jay-Z Convening Social Justice Summit to Drive Democrat Voter Registration Ahead of Midterms 2 days ago

Report: Liberals Spent Six Months Coming Up with 'Ultra MAGA' Attack Line 2 days ago

Rand Paul: 'My Oath of Office Is to the U.S. Constitution, Not to Any Foreign Nation' 2 days ago

Fusion GPS must hand over docs to Durham, but he can’t use them at trial 2 days ago

Gas prices surge to new record high of $4.43 per gallon 2 days ago

PolitiFact's parent company gushes Jen Psaki was 'one of the best press secretaries ever' in glowing tribute 2 days ago

Fact check: White House tweet falsely claims 'there was no vaccine available' when Biden took office 2 days ago

White House COVID coordinator: US ‘vulnerable’ to coronavirus without new shots 3 days ago

Ron DeSantis: Biden's Actions Show He 'Doesn't Care' About Rising Gas Prices 3 days ago

Netflix shares blunt message to woke employees offended by its content: 'Netflix may not be the best place for you' 3 days ago

Detention of WNBA’s Griner in Moscow Extended for 1 Month 3 days ago

House of Representatives to give staff free Peloton memberships, costing taxpayers 3 days ago

Jen Psaki gives her last briefing as White House press secretary: "I promised myself I wasn't going to get emotional" 3 days ago