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Whitmer leading former Detroit police chief in reelection bid: poll 13 minutes ago

'Downhill,' 'divisive': Americans sour on nation’s direction in new NBC News poll 28 minutes ago

Biden calls Fox News' Peter Doocy a 'stupid son of a b----' after question about inflation 43 minutes ago

FBI Searches Illinois COVID Testing Lab That Received $124 Million From Federal Government 1 hour ago

Pelosi requests all-member briefing on Ukraine 1 hour ago

Josh Hawley endorses Jeremy Hunt, who’s bidding to unseat a rural moderate Democrat in Georgia 1 hour ago

Biden Briefed On Military Deployment Near Ukraine As Diplomacy With Russia Fails 1 hour ago

Assange wins first stage in effort to appeal US extradition 1 hour ago

LA County deputy public defender argued to release crime suspects pretrial 2 hours ago

Gov. Abbott's 'Parental Bill of Rights' gives parents primary power on children's education 2 hours ago

Michigan GOP urges voters to 'retire Whitmer' in ad blitz targeting Democratic governor 2 hours ago

Another person pushed onto New York subway tracks 2 hours ago

Los Angeles charter students sue to stop vaccine mandate, claim school 'segregated' them 'behind barriers' 3 hours ago

U.S. Economy Slows to 'Near Standstill' as Omicron, Supply Chain Delays, and Inflation Surge 3 hours ago

Bristol University Moves to Cancel the Word 'Maternity' 3 hours ago

State AGs Sue Google, Say Company Lied To Customers To Harvest Their Data 3 hours ago

Surging Food Prices Turn More Shoppers Into Bargain Hunters 4 hours ago

59 Florida sheriffs endorse Gov. Ron DeSantis for re-election 4 hours ago

Inflation could lead Fed to hike rates more than 4 times in 2022: Goldman Sachs 4 hours ago

Affirmative Action Could Soon Be Overturned As Supreme Court Takes Up Harvard And UNC Cases 4 hours ago

Virginia school boards sue to block Youngkin order making masks optional 5 hours ago

Biden admin says it may not be able to evacuate Americans from Ukraine if Russia invades 5 hours ago

Supreme Court Rejects Republicans' Challenge to Pelosi's Voting Rules 5 hours ago

Crypto Market Sees $130 Billion Sell-Off Over Last 24 Hours 6 hours ago

Dow tumbles 1,000 points as Russia, Ukraine tensions rise 6 hours ago

Fauci warns, 'We may need to boost again.' He proclaims, 'More pain and suffering' for areas not fully vaccinated. 6 hours ago

NBC News anchor warns Democrats face 'shellacking' in 2022 midterm elections, admits Biden has 'lost his identity' 7 hours ago

European Union not following US lead in evacuating Ukraine embassy staff, official says 7 hours ago

NY Gov. Blames 'Illegal Gun' in Fatal Shooting of NYPD Officer 7 hours ago

Trump releases statement about Texas rally 8 hours ago

Michael Avenatti says courtroom mask mandate infringes on constitutional right to face accuser 8 hours ago

Minneapolis Restaurants File Suit Against Democrat Mayor's Vax Mandate 8 hours ago

Biden a 'liability' after he pledges to campaign for Democrats in midterm elections 9 hours ago

New NBC poll reveals 'nothing but flashing red flights and warning signs' for Democrats 9 hours ago

Liz Cheney Loses Wyoming Straw Poll to Trump-Backed Harriet Hageman 10 hours ago

New Mexico governor becomes substitute teacher amid school staffing shortage 10 hours ago

Sarah Palin to face off against New York Times in defamation trial Monday 11 hours ago

Over 30,000 People Marched To ‘Defeat the Mandates’ In Washington D.C. 11 hours ago

Gingrich: January 6 Committee, AG Garland 'Lynch Mob' 'Face a Real Risk of Jail for the Kind of Laws They Are Breaking' 12 hours ago

FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver: Biden 'Promised a Return to Normal and We Haven’t Really Gotten One' 12 hours ago

CDC: Three monkeys caught and euthanized after crash near Danville 12 hours ago

‘But You’re Not Imposing Sanctions’: Dana Bash Corners Blinken, Asks Why Biden Is Giving Russia Room To Move 13 hours ago

Adele tearfully video chats with people who showed up for her postponed Las Vegas residency show 13 hours ago

Ukraine Receives Second Batch of US Weapons in Russian Stand-Off 13 hours ago

Voters sound off on 'insane' state of economy under Biden, say he's 'listening to too many liberals' 13 hours ago

Texas shoplifting suspect allegedly threatens Target employees with switchblade when confronted 18 hours ago

Georgia sheriff's deputy shoots and kills burglar who broke into his home: police 18 hours ago

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem announces two pro-life bills 19 hours ago

After 8 year old girl killed, an outraged Pastor Brooks asks if there’s any hope for Chicago 19 hours ago

Pennsylvania lab-monkey escape: All accounted for after crash, authorities say 20 hours ago

Sanders says Biden can't count on him to support 'almost any' spending package compromise 21 hours ago

Small ranchers say Biden letting them get squeezed 21 hours ago

Fox News Poll: Voters reluctant to give Biden a second term 21 hours ago

Bitcoin nearly halves from peak, Nasdaq posts worst week of pandemic 22 hours ago

Majority in new poll say US headed in wrong direction 22 hours ago

17 Shot Friday Into Sunday Morning in Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Chicago 23 hours ago

U.S Aircraft Carrier Strike Group Heads for Mediterranean amid Russia Threats 23 hours ago

Sanders: Democrats Have Allowed Republicans ‘to Get Away with Murder 1 day ago

Pope Francis Decries ‘New Blow to Peace’ in Ukraine 1 day ago

Cruise ship with hundreds of passengers diverts to Bahamas after US issues arrest warrant over unpaid bills 1 day ago

Trucking company enacts largest pay increase in history 1 day ago

POLL: Just 20% Of Voters ‘Strongly’ Approve Of Biden; 60% Would Vote For Someone Else If Next Election Held Today 1 day ago

Biden Administration Vows 'Severe' Response If 'Single Additional Russian Force' Enters Ukraine 1 day ago

Trump huddling with advisers on 2022 game plan, but insiders say former president makes the ‘real decisions' 1 day ago

Biden's 'green light' to Putin on Ukraine will have 'ripple effect' throughout the world, critic says 1 day ago

House Intel chairman Schiff: UK intelligence report shows 'imminent and real threat' of Russian invasion 1 day ago

Sanders: Manchin, Sinema Working with Republicans to 'Sabotage' Biden 1 day ago

6 in 10 say they would back someone other than Biden in 2024: Fox News poll 1 day ago

Blinken dodges question on sending U.S. troops to Ukraine, says NATO looking at ‘practical’ response to Russia 1 day ago

NFL suddenly halts daily COVID-19 testing of unvaccinated players 1 day ago

Harris County Pct. 5 deputy shot, killed during traffic stop 1 day ago

California DA says 'rogue prosecutors' need to be reined in 1 day ago

'Deeply Concerning,' Says White House of UK Intel Alleging Plans to Install Pro-Krelim Leader in Ukraine 1 day ago

Los Angeles school district to require students to wear 'non-cloth masks with a nose wire' 1 day ago

China is spending $300,000 to get US influencers to share positive social media posts to boost the country's image ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics 1 day ago

Britain says Russia seeking to replace Ukraine government 1 day ago

Bill Maher: ‘New York, New Jersey Did Worse Than Florida,’ Florida ‘Stayed Open,’ ‘Went On With Life’ 1 day ago

Florida House Committee Passes Bill Banning Gender Ideology Discussions In Schools 1 day ago

Fairfax County, VA Orders Principals to Suspend Maskless Students 1 day ago

Michigan State University allows nearly 15,000 basketball fans at sold-out games but shuts down in-person learning in January 1 day ago

Pennsylvania school board member tells parents 'I don't work for you' 1 day ago

Trump Book Publisher Sergio Gor: 'We Can’t Keep Up with the Demand' 1 day ago

Survey: Donald Trump Leads Joe Biden in 2024 Head to Head Matchup 1 day ago

Biden DOJ suggests court block effort to subpoena Trump for deposition in Strzok case 1 day ago

Russia warns Japan to stay out of Ukraine crisis 1 day ago

Uighur Muslim jailed at Beijing 'reeducation camp' relives her ordeal 1 day ago

Defund police backers sing a different tune after rookie cop is slain 1 day ago

Baltimore Safe Streets social worker killed in quadruple shooting 1 day ago

University language guide says 'grandfather,' 'housekeeping,' 'spirit animal' are 'problematic' words 1 day ago

Kyrsten Sinema refuses to back down after Arizona Dem Party takes unanimous action against her 1 day ago

Families of US Embassy personnel in Ukraine ordered to begin evacuating as soon as Monday: officials 1 day ago

‘The CDC alone can’t fix this’: Walensky calls for overhaul of U.S. public health system 1 day ago

Ireland Scraps Vaccine Pass After Months of Restrictions on the Unvaxxed 1 day ago

US Now Requires All Foreign Travelers to Be COVID-19 Vaccinated When Crossing Land Ports, Ferry Terminals 1 day ago

White House chief of staff Ron Klain under fire amid Biden woes: reports 1 day ago

Price hikes coming for detergent, dryer sheets, other Procter & Gamble products 1 day ago

Dunkin' customer threw hot coffee on maskless man, cops say 1 day ago

Utah legislature ends mask mandates, moves toward halting COVID-19 testing in schools 1 day ago

Arizona Democratic Party censures Kyrsten Sinema for protecting filibuster 1 day ago

Democrats double down on eliminating filibuster, court packing on Roe v. Wade anniversary 1 day ago