Preacher claims Cash App shut down account for protesting Pride, drag queen story hours

Posted 119 days ago


A Christian pastor said a mobile cash sharing app shut down his account over his street preaching against LGBTQ issues and events.

Rich Penkoski leads the online ministry Warriors for Christ and has traveled across the country protesting drag shows for children for years. He told The Christian Post he was puzzled to discover last week that his Cash App account, which he used to fund travel for his ministry, was suddenly locked.

After calling the company, a representative reportedly told Penkoski he had violated the terms of service. But after arguing with the representative, he said that she could not explain how he did so. The pastor claimed his account had always been in good standing leading up to this.

After the representative admitted that he had not violated the terms, Penkoski said he was told his account was closed because the company didn't like what he was using the app for.

"And I said, 'What do you mean?' And it's because people would donate money, again not huge sums of money, but when we would travel and go preach … [at] a Drag Queen Story Hour, pride event or what have you … a lot of people would send Cash App for … gas money, things like that," Penkoski said in the interview.

The conversation became heated after Penkoski asked the representative if they were trying to "cancel" Christians' accounts based on what they were using the app for.

He claimed the representative "got really nasty with me" after that and canceled his appeal to unlock his account before hanging up on him.... (Read more)