Minnesota governor signs gun safety bills into law: ‘It’s about keeping our kids safe’

Posted 17 days ago


Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz (D) signed two gun safety initiatives into law on Friday that will establish universal background checks and a process for temporarily removing firearms from those who imminently pose a threat to themselves or others.

Walz signed the measures into law as part of a broader public safety budget bill after it narrowly passed by one vote along party lines in the state Senate last week.

The package includes a red flag law to allow authorities to ask courts to grant “extreme risk protection orders” for a person’s guns to be temporarily taken away if they could imminently harm themselves or other people.

“As a veteran, gun-owner, hunter, and dad, I just signed a red flag law and universal background checks into law, Walz wrote Friday on Twitter. “Basic gun safety isn’t a threat to the Second Amendment – it’s about keeping our kids safe.”

“That’s exactly what we’re doing in Minnesota,” he added.

Walz also tweeted that “weapons of war” do not have a place in schools, churches, banks or “anywhere else people are just trying to live their lives.”... (Read more)

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