Megyn Kelly Schools Whoopi: She's "dumb" and "uninformed"

Submitted by MAGA

Posted 48 days ago

Megyn Kelly recently called out Whoopi Goldberg on "The View" for her comments about police brutality and racism. Whoopi was discussing a recent case in Memphis where a young black man was killed by 5 African American cops. She questioned why things don't change when it comes to police brutality and if people need to see white people being beaten by police in order for them to take action.

Megyn Kelly didn't agree with Whoopi's point of view and called her out for not being informed enough. Kelly said that whites have a higher chance of being killed by cops than blacks and that Whoopi is uninformed because she doesn't care to find the facts or because she's only consuming media that doesn't show the truth.

In the end, Kelly told Whoopi that she's not a racist, but that she's "dumb" and "uninformed."