Report: Don Lemon Blows Up at Staff Again After the First Blowup Went Public

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Posted 49 days ago

CNN's Don Lemon is having a tough time lately. According to, Don got into a big argument with some of his coworkers at CNN, just a short time after another incident involving his co-star Kaitlan Collins was made public. Apparently, Don became upset when a company newsletter featured a story about the argument with Collins. This caused Don to lose his temper and yell at some of his coworkers.

Megyn Kelly, another news anchor, had predicted that this wasn't the first time Don had gotten into an argument with a coworker and that it wouldn't be the last. The argument between Don and Kaitlan happened off camera on December 8th and was reportedly quite heated. This left Kaitlan visibly upset and some other staff members shaken. The head of CNN, Chris Licht, was informed about the argument and told Don to take the day off to cool off. However, it doesn't seem like things have gotten any better between Don and Kaitlan or the rest of the staff.

Don's morning show with Kaitlan and Poppy Harlow hasn't been doing well in terms of viewership and has underperformed compared to their competitors. Chris Licht has tried to save the network, but so far his efforts haven't been successful.

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