Pompeo Blasts Reckless Schiff

Posted 57 days ago


After House Speaker Kevin McCarthy removed Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., from the House Intelligence Committee Tuesday evening, the California representative took to TikTok to complain about the decision. On "Fox & Friends Weekend" Saturday, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blasted the "reckless" congressman, not only for his behavior in the Intelligence Committee, but also for turning to the Chinese-based social media app that is the source of ongoing national security concerns.

WILL CAIN: So kicked off his committees and then there's an effort on behalf of Matt Gaetz to take away his access to classified information. Is that something that you would agree with and then what would be the case?

MIKE POMPEO: I do think that makes sense. In 'Never Give an Inch' I actually wrote about this long before that book was finished, long before Kevin McCarthy made what was, in fact, the right decision to remove him from the House Intelligence Committee. Look, I had served with Adam Schiff when I was a member of Congress on the Intelligence Committee. I'd seen the way he operated. And then when I was CIA director, I watched as we would provide information to them and it would end up in the press, either him or his staff or someone else sharing this information with the press. And then we can all see these last four years, him telling the story of the Russian hoax.

He said there's more information coming. I know stuff that you don't know, he told the American people. He abused his position on the committee, telling the American people he had secrets that he couldn't share with them. Well, the truth is, we now know that was all false. He had no secrets. He had to have known that he had no secrets. He put the Russian hoax on this country for two and a half years, and he shouldn't be anywhere near the Intelligence Committee in Congress.... (Read more)