Biden enters year with low approval ratings despite midterm boost

Posted 7 days ago


President Biden is entering the new year with approval ratings that are close to the lowest levels seen in his presidency, despite the shot-in the-arm the White House received from a relatively successful midterm election that saw Democrats hold the Senate and keep House losses to a minimum.

A Reuters-Ipsos poll out on Thursday showed that 40 percent of Americans approved of Biden’s job performance. It was a point higher than last month’s survey, but low enough to stir angst among Democrats reading for a 2024 reelection signal from Biden that is expected to come after the State of the Union address.

“I don’t know if anyone wants to be hovering around 40 percent when they’re launching a reelection bid,” said one party strategist. “You, at the very least, want to be five or six points higher.”

Biden’s approval ratings fall between those seen by his immediate predecessors, former Presidents Trump and Obama, at this point in their terms.

In his third year of the presidency, Obama’s approval rating hovered around 44 percent, according to Gallup. Trump, at the same point, had an approval rating of 37 percent. Obama went on to win reelection relatively easily over Republican nominee Mitt Romney, while Trump lost his reelection bid in a close race with Biden.

The White House is dealing with a new controversy — the discovery of classified documents from Biden’s time as vice president. Some were found at his residence and some at his former office in Washington, D. C.

Biden’s aides have generally shrugged off political worries about the controversy while noting that the White House Office of Counsel notified the National Archives of the discovery immediately.

Democrats have also suggested the public is more focused on the economy and pocketbook issues than the documents fight, especially with Trump facing his own classified documents controversy.

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