Philadelphia Faith Leaders Confront White Supremacy, Push for Reparations

Posted 8 days ago


Philadelphia faith leaders last week engaged in a course put on by city leadership that advocated reparations for Black residents, and discussed the history of White supremacy.

The program, which is part of the Mayor’s Commission on Faith-based and Interfaith Affairs as well as The Truth Telling Project, is part of the ongoing "Rise Up for Reparations" campaign.

When the commission was founded, one area they chose to focus on was poverty, which Rev. Naomi Washington-Leapheart, the City of Philadelphia’s Director for Faith-Based and Interfaith Affairs told Fox News Digital was caused by "White supremacy."

"We realized that the structural root of poverty is White supremacy, which relies on the exploitation and theft of Black labor and other material resources," she said. "Reparations is a strategy that both acknowledges the centuries-old cause of our present inequities and moves money and power so that Black communities can finally be made whole."

Washington-Leapheart also added that reparations is "deeply spiritual work, because it transforms the way we are in relationship to each other and seeks to repair the moral and psychological wounds we all have because of race-based oppression. Reparations provides an important opportunity for healing."

During the course, more than 100 participants from 15 Philadelphia-area congregations "had several opportunities to create reparations action plans in congregational cohorts," according to Washington-Leapheart added.

They also participated in a case study on "reparations," analysis of the FX show "Atlanta," conversations on "womanist theology."

"The Commission seeks to engage at least 100 congregations in reparations work in 2023, and we believe that we’re well on our way with the momentum we have now," she added.

Lucy Duncan, who sits on the Commission and is a fellow with the Truth Telling Project, told local news outlet "Billy Penn," who first highlighted the story, that reparations has been on the agenda "from the very beginning."

A portion of the seminar also tied reparations to spirituality and genealogy. Participants were also expected to complete homework assignments, which included journaling and prompts.... (Read more)