Pete Buttigieg called out after FAA system failure grounds all flights: 'He has no idea what happened'

Posted 74 days ago


Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., said he is "not surprised" Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg "had no idea what happened" to cause the FAA debacle that led to grounded U. S. flights early Wednesday, telling "Fox & Friends" host Brian Kilmeade the cluelessness is "consistent" with Buttigieg's record in the role.

BRIAN KILMEADE: Pete Buttigieg communicated to the president that he doesn't really know anything yet. Are you surprised the secretary of transportation doesn't know anything?

REP. ANDY BIGGS: I'm not surprised. It's unpleasant that I have to say that. But I'm not surprised that he doesn't know anything because that's consistent with how he's handled any kind of question or issue that we've had in our transportation sector since he became secretary. But what's chilling about this today is the fact that this is happening. We've known about apparently overnight, and he has no idea what happened or how they're going to fix it and how long it's going to last. That has an enormous impact on our economy and travelers today.... (Read more)