Sarah Huckabee Sanders bans TikTok on state devices in first move as Arkansas governor

Posted 68 days ago


EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Huckabee Sanders will ban TikTok on state devices and government networks during her first act as the first female governor of Arkansas.

Sanders, who was sworn into office Tuesday, started her tenure as the youngest governor in the nation by signing a series of seven executive orders. One of them, titled the "Executive Order to Protect State Information and Communications Technology from the Influence of the Government of Foreign Adversaries," will ban the Chinese-owned social media app from all state government devices.

"China is locked in economic, political, and military competition with the United States. It is a foreign adversary that presents serious challenges to our values, our security, and our economy," the order stated, noting that the challenge China poses is "particularly acute" with respect to information technologies.

"The video application known as TikTok, which is owned by ByteDance LTD., a Chinese company with significant ties to the Chinese Communist Party, is of particular concern," it said.

"It is the position of this administration to undertake strong and prudent measures to protect the information and communications systems used by state entities, public primary and secondary schools, cities and counties, and public safety organizations from harm to prevent both unauthorized access and exploitation of the critical data stored within and traveling through those systems," it said.... (Read more)