Utah sheriff’s office mourns death of ‘porn-sniffing dog’ that helped put pedophiles behind bars

Posted 68 days ago


A former "pound puppy" who gained national attention for his work at a Utah sheriff’s office for sniffing out electronic devices that often contained child pornography and other illegal materials has died at the age of 7.

"URL was not bred to be a police dog, and instead had a very rough start as a ‘pound puppy,’ and bounced through two different animal shelters and one foster home within the first few months of his life," the Weber County Sheriff's Office posted to Facebook announcing URL’s death.

The black lab retired from the force in January last year and had been living with his handler. He died on Dec. 30, just shy of his 8th birthday, according to the sheriff’s office.

Despite URL initially being deemed "untrainable," a rescue center in Indiana recognized the pup’s "unique talents," which launched him into police training and ultimately into the Weber County Sheriff’s Office.

"URL was trained in the infancy of a nationwide program intended to include Electronic Storage Detection in police services. URL was only the fourth dog to be certified as such in the United States," the sheriff’s office stated.

URL and his handler, Det. Cameron Hartman, were able to execute more than 2,000 arrest warrants together, with the K9 often sniffing out electronic devices involving child pornography and other sex abuse cases. He soon gained the moniker of "porn-sniffing dog."... (Read more)