Don Lemon spotlights Black NFL Coach's firing, ignores White Coach's fate

Posted 68 days ago


CNN’s morning show dedicated a lengthy segment on Tuesday to putting a spotlight on a Black NFL head coach being fired after just one year on the job while largely ignoring White coaches who suffered the same fate.

The seven-minute segment began with "CNN This Morning" co-host Don Lemon declaring, "Another Black coach in the NFL – out."

The Houston Texans fired head coach Lovie Smith on Sunday night after just one season. Smith’s team went a dismal 3-13-1 – one of the three victories came in the final week of the season when a loss would have actually benefited the franchise by guaranteeing the first overall pick in the upcoming draft. Smith had replaced David Culley, who is also Black and was fired after just one year.

For almost the entire segment, CNN’s on-screen chyron stated, "Another Black NFL coach is fired after just one season at helm," alongside the words "Trend Emerges."

CNN aired a clip of ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith slamming the Texans for firing Black head coaches in consecutive years which was used as the impetus for the remainder of the segment.

HBO and ESPN host Bomani Jones declared the "whole [Texans] organization is a dumpster fire" and said he wouldn’t advise anyone to take its head coaching job going forward. In fact, he believes Smith and Culley were only hired in the first place because White candidates weren’t interested.

"I think the last two times they hired Black dudes because largely, no respected White man would take that job. They were down to people who felt like they had to take the job," Jones said.

Co-host Kaitlin Collins pointed out the Texans had a "disastrous" season, and said the dysfunction of the Texans franchise is a separate problem from the NFL’s lack of Black head coaches.... (Read more)