Controversial Sign at Local Store Sparks Debate on the Meaning of Being 'Triggered'

Posted 70 days ago


A Reddit poster ignited a debate about what it means to be "triggered" after sharing a sign at a local store with a warning for employees.

"Your triggers are your responsibility," the sign read, according to the post from user xxScubaSteve24xx. "It isn't the world's obligation to tiptoe around you."

The store owner posted the sign as a sort of parting message to a former employee, according to the user.

Social media users who saw the sign had different descriptions of what it means to be triggered.

"I do feel like the term ‘trigger’ has been trivialized once it's started to see mainstream use," one user wrote. "There's a difference between triggers that are rooted in deeply traumatic events and things that are just annoyances."

Others supported the message, saying sometimes people who complain about triggers are trying to shut down discussion.

"I feel like this was catalyzed by a specific incident or person," another said. "And while I normally am fine respecting someone's triggers it gets ridiculous when people use that word to mean ‘things that generally upset me’ or use it to shut down discussion or get what they want."

"Mental health is not your fault but it is your responsibility," one user, Superb_Victory_2759, wrote, which set off a sub-discussion about how people should conduct themselves in the workplace.

"Being responsible means both limiting the situations in which you get triggered, by choosing safe environments and asking for others' assistance, and developing techniques for dealing with the effects on yourself should the trigger not be able to be avoided," one user replied.

"As few triggers as possible is the goal, as is being able to manage your responses and seek help if your symptoms need it."

"This. I have OCD and a lot of things can trigger me. I do my best to mitigate what I can and if I need a break or a boundary, I let it be known. I never ever expect people to cater to my needs," user VagueSoul agreed.... (Read more)