China Demands U.S. Destroy Its Nuclear Arsenal

Posted 57 days ago


The Chinese Foreign Ministry demanded in remarks on Wednesday that U. S. armed forces make “substantial and substantive cuts to its nuclear arsenal,” with the goal of ultimately ending America’s nuclear program.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian – a zealous “wolf warrior” diplomat known for spreading the unsubstantiated conspiracy theory that the Chinese coronavirus pandemic began as e-cigarette lung injuries in Maryland – demanded an end to the American nuclear program in response to a question on a Pentagon report revealing that the Chinese Communist Party is working to dramatically expand its own nuclear capabilities.

China’s opposition to America possessing nuclear weapons places it in line with the longtime foreign policy of North Korea, which is to support “denuclearization” by removing American forces, which have access to nuclear weapons, from the Korean peninsula, rather than defining the term as meaning an end to North Korea’s illegal nuclear program. North Korea, a Chinese client state, has since changed its policies, outlawing denuclearization in September.

China, unlike North Korea, is a signatory and legally recognized nuclear state under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. China insists that the expansions of its nuclear arsenal are not a violation of international law because they are pursued with the aim of “modernizing,” not expanding, capabilities.

The Pentagon report, delivered to Congress, revealed that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is seeking, according to U. S. information, to grow the number of nuclear warheads it possesses from about 400 to as many as 1,500 warheads in 13 years, by 2035. The prediction is based on the speed with which the Chinese military worked on expanding its nuclear arsenal and its other activities in 2021.

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