Penn scientists closer to successfully creating flu vaccine to fight against future pandemics

Posted 58 days ago


University of Pennsylvania scientists are closer to successfully creating a flu vaccine that could protect against 20 known flu strains, according to reports.

While the new vaccine still in the experimental stages wouldn’t be to replace the existing seasonal flu shots, researchers hope it will protect against any new strains that could potentially lead to future pandemics, Philly Voice reported.

The study’s senior author Scott Hensley is also a microbiology professor at Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine and has been working on the flue vaccine that’ll hopefully fight against multiple strains.

“The idea here is to have a vaccine that will give people a baseline level of immune memory to diverse flu strains, so that there will be far less disease and death when the next flu pandemic occurs,” Hensley said in the report.

In their animal studies, the vaccine decreased the risk of severe illness and death. It didn’t matter if the animals were exposed to strains that weren’t used to create the vaccine, Philly Voice also reported.... (Read more)