Buddhist monk attacked, temple robbed in Nashville; police seeking 5 suspects

Posted 59 days ago


Detectives in Nashville are searching for five suspects who attacked a Buddhist monk in a caught-on-camera assault after robbing a Buddhist temple over the weekend, authorities said Wednesday.

The incident unfolded around 9 a.m. Sunday at the Wat Lao Buddhist Temple on Old Hickory Boulevard in South Nashville when the monk heard a knock on the door, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department said.

When the monk cracked open the door, the five robbers forced their way inside, knocking the victim to the ground, police said. The thieves appeared to be a man and four women, one of whom was carrying a toddler during the incident.

At least two of the women held the monk on the ground while the others rifled through the temple for several minutes and grabbed cash, according to authorities.

As the suspects left, police said the monk spotted a satchel slung across the body of one woman and grabbed onto it to stop them from leaving.... (Read more)