‘I Have No Idea What He Is!’: Hollywood A-Lister Questions Whether Elon Musk Is A Real Person

Posted 61 days ago


Actor Samuel L. Jackson mocked the furor over Twitter — and the recent takeover by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk — during a Tuesday morning appearance on “The View,” reminding the audience that Twitter wasn’t the real world and questioning whether Musk himself was real.

Jackson and his wife LaTanya Richardson Jackson punctuated the interview — which was supposed to be a promotion of their Broadway show “The Piano Lesson” — with a call to get out the vote and support Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) in his upcoming run-off election, among other things.

Joy Behar is "frightened for Twitter" because @elonmusk is supposedly letting "Nazis" take over the platform.


“So, Sam, you’ve been also — you’ve also been known to clap back at a politician or two in your day, which I enjoy,” Joy Behar began. “What do you make of what’s happening now that Elon Musk  has taken over Twitter. I’m a little frightened for Twitter, frankly, what about you?”

“Just quit it, you know,” Jackson replied, shaking his head. “There’s so many more important things that we have to deal with like we’re busy trying to get … Raphael Warnock elected.”... (Read more)

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