Herschel Walker: Democrat Warnock Trying to ‘Mislead People’ to Get Votes

Posted 65 days ago


Republican Herschel Walker said during an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday that Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) is using a misleading campaign message about Walker’s hometown as a way to persuade voters to support Warnock.

Walker said the message, featured during a recent Warnock fundraiser in Walker’s rural hometown of Wrightsville as well as in a campaign ad, misleadingly characterizes a Warnock supporter from Wrightsville as Walker’s former football coach.

“They just had a fundraiser, Sen. Warnock had a fundraiser, in my hometown with a guy that said that he coached me in football. The guy never coached me. He was a defensive back coach, never coached me,” Walker, a former star running back, told host Matthew Boyle.

He added that the gentleman, named Curtis Dixon, also ran into legal trouble with a local Baptist church, which Walker indicated was a sign of Dixon’s lack of credibility.

“The guy also took funds from another church, and he had a lawsuit against that, so it seems like Sen. Warnock want to continue to mislead people just to win this election and lie to people just to win this election, and also mistreat the church because that’s what this guy did as well,” Walker said.

[email protected] is lying again. Curtis Dixon was never Herschel’s coach, teacher, or close to him. He must stop lying. Dixon stole from St. Galilee Missionary Baptist Church and was ordered to give the money back. Just like Warnock, Dixon took from the needy to enrich himself. https://t.co/0CsD8YMndu

Dixon was first featured as one of three anti-Walker on-the-record sources in a New York Times piece published in October that alleged a “racial divide” existed in Wrightsville and that Walker had been ostracized from the black community there.

Several other residents of the Wrightsville area, however, strongly rejected that narrative and spoke about their overwhelming support for Walker in interviews with Breitbart News.... (Read more)

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