Hunter Biden probe, impeachment could be 'politically helping the White House,' Jen Psaki argues

Posted 11 days ago


Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Tuesday that Republicans could end up "politically helping" the Biden White House with a potential impeachment and probe into Hunter Biden.

Host Joe Scarborough noted previous impeachments of presidents and suggested those proceedings ended up benefiting past administrations.

"It really, for the most part, especially if you’ve got a president in the White House, it really does accrue to the benefit of the party that’s in the White House. I don’t know why. It’s just a reality," Scarborough said.

Psaki agreed and added that the White House was hiring people and determining their strategy.

"It’s a time suck, it's an energy suck, but to your point, the long game here that where Republicans are predicting and laying out for everybody is that this is going to be their primary agenda focus. Focusing on Hunter Biden’s laptop, focusing on investigating cabinet officials, many of whom we may never have heard of and not addressing the core issues the public pays attention to. So while the Biden Administration, this is a headache for them, and it will be for the first half of next year, over the long term they have a serious risk of, the Republicans, overreaching and in many ways politically helping the White House, to your point," she continued.

Republicans have touted plans to investigate Hunter Biden after taking control of the House.

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