Marjorie Taylor Greene says her legal bill is $700,000

Posted 11 days ago


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) reelection was such a sure thing that she was projected the winner as polls closed on Election Day, but that didn’t stop liberal groups from challenging her right to be on the ballot.

In addition to facing a well-financed upstart challenger in a race she won 66%-34%, she faced a challenge to having her name on the ballot by a group that labeled her an insurrectionist for defending some of those jailed in the Jan. 6 Capitol riots.

Late yesterday, in her first long video tweet since Elon Musk gave back her private @mtgreenee account, Greene revealed that she has legal bills of $700,000.

“They actually attacked me so hard. They tried to get my name taken off the ballot. This was earlier this year, and I couldn't defend myself and raise money for attorney fees. My attorney fees are approximately around $700,000,” Greene said.

The first-term lawmaker said that in losing her personal Twitter account at the beginning of the year over COVID-19-related tweets the social media platform didn’t like, she lost a huge fundraising avenue to raise money to fight the ballot challenge and opponent Marcus Flowers.... (Read more)

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