Biden White House fact-checked by Twitter users again for exaggerated deficit claim

Posted 11 days ago


The White House was fact-checked by Twitter users on Monday after trying to take credit for the "largest" one-year cut to the federal budget deficit in American history.

President Biden's communications team attempted to exaggerate the administration's record on lowering the deficit on Twitter and was handed another Community Note that provided missing context for the White House's claim.

"The Biden-Harris Administration lowered the deficit with the single largest one-year reduction in American history," the White House tweeted Monday.

But readers added important details the White House left out, noting that deficit spending ramped up during the COVID-19 pandemic between fiscal years 2020 and 2021.

"COVID-driven deficits in both FY20 & 21 were roughly double the previous record (09), making the drop to FY22 sizable," the Community Note states.

"But the FY22 deficit is still the 4th largest in history and is 41% larger than FY19," Twitter users pointed out.

Community Notes, previously called Birdwatch, is a feature on Twitter that lets eligible users sign up to provide missing context to factual claims. The program is not managed by Twitter. Instead, users rate notes they find helpful and over time can earn the ability to write.

"Community Notes doesn’t work by majority rules. To identify notes that are helpful to a wide range of people, notes require agreement between contributors who have sometimes disagreed in their past ratings. This helps prevent one-sided ratings," Twitter explains in its Community Notes Guide.... (Read more)