Judge gives California college students 'big win' after anti-communist flyers censored on campus, lawyer says

Posted 75 days ago


Conservative college students in California, who filed a lawsuit against their school’s leaders over alleged discrimination for censoring anti-communist flyers, scored a "big win" when a judge issued a preliminary injunction, according to a lawyer representing the case.

"The preliminary injunction order is good news for the Plaintiffs (our clients), because it means that while the case is pending, Clovis can’t enforce its ban on inappropriate or offensive language against student flyers," Jeff Zeman, a Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) attorney, told The College Fix for a Tuesday article.

"This is a big win for the plaintiffs. … We’ve also asked that, at the end of the case, the court grant a permanent injunction," Zeman added.

FIRE filed a lawsuit earlier this year on behalf of three students at Clovis Community College, who are also members of the school’s chapter of the Young Americans for Freedom chapter, after they were allegedly discriminated against when the school ordered the removal of flyers promoting Freedom Week in November 2021. Freedom Week is an event launched by the Young America’s Foundation that pushes back against socialism and promotes conservative ideology, according to YAF’s website.

The lawsuit, which was previously reviewed by Fox News Digital, states the three plaintiffs had received approval to post anti-communist and anti-socialist flyers on bulletin boards inside campus buildings last November. They were taken down, however, at the direction of Clovis President Dr. Lori Bennett, according to the complaint.

U. S. District Judge Jennifer Thurston issued a preliminary injunction last month that bars Clovis Community leaders from preventing students from posting flyers over "inappropriate or [offensive] language or themes."

"The Court held that the Defendants' ban on 'inappropriate' or ‘offensive’ speech was unconstitutionally vague and overbroad, and the Defendants have now rescinded the policy. This is a huge win for not only Alejandro, Juliette, and Daniel, but all Clovis students. The case is not over, but it is a good first step in vindicating our clients' First Amendment rights," Zeman added in comment to Fox News Digital on Tuesday.

"There have been a surprising amount of students come up to me and say that they’ve heard about what’s going on," Juliette Colunga, a plaintiff in the case and president of Clovis Community College’s chapter of the Young Americans for Freedom, told The College Fix. "Even some liberal students that are initially skeptical about our story are later shocked to hear how the school is treating free speech once they learn all the facts of the story."... (Read more)