Rudy Giuliani ‘attacker’ to file $2 million wrongful arrest lawsuit after charges dropped

Posted 2 days ago


The Staten Island man who was charged with assault for patting Rudy Giuliani on the back filed a $2 million notice of claim against the city for wrongful arrest Thursday — after prosecutors agreed to dismiss his criminal case provided he stays out of trouble.

Former ShopRite worker Daniel Gill — who was initially charged with felony assault for the infamous June 26 incident inside the store — asserts he never should’ve been arrested, saying all he did was “pat” or “tap” Giuliani on the back and call him a “scumbag.”

“The video taken of the encounter shows Mr. Gill either ‘tapping’ or ‘patting’ Giuliani on the back, in an effort to get his attention so Mr. Gill could deliver his message,” Gill’s notice of claim states.

The 78-year-old former New York City mayor, at the time, said he was slapped so hard, he nearly fell over and could’ve died. Mayor Eric Adams criticized Giuliani for how he had characterized the incident, saying he should be investigated for filing a false police report.

Gill, meanwhile, said video of the supposed attack does not show him committing a crime. Following his arrest, the Staten Island District Attorney’s Office downgraded Gill’s felony charges to misdemeanor assault and harassment.... (Read more)