Atlanta newspaper highlights Stacey Abrams' 'troubling' struggles with Black voters in Georgia race

Posted 2 days ago


The Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) reported Thursday that Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams was "struggling to solidify her support" with Black voters ahead of November.

A recent AJC poll found that Abrams has 79% of support from Black voters; however, the outlet reported, "Democrats typically poll at least 10 percentage points higher with Black voters." Abrams' support with Black men, according to the AJC, is at 75%.

"That Abrams would need to hold an event designed to garner more support among Black Georgians in the final stretch of her campaign for governor is emblematic of one of the more surprising — and for Abrams, troubling — developments in the race," the AJC reported.

"I am not a Black man, but I’ve been raised by one," Abrams said to her supporters at a recent campaign event. "And I am always going to say that if Black men stand with me and vote for me and work with me, we can change the future of Georgia."

Abrams received heavy support from Black voters in Georgia's 2018 gubernatorial election despite losing to Gov. Brian Kemp, R-GA by 55,000 votes. "If Black men vote for me," she said at a campaign event in August, "I’ll win Georgia."

"Black voters we talk to say Stacey Abrams is different and she’s fighting for them," Lauren Groh-Wargo, Abrams' campaign manager, told the AJC. "And we know when we talk to them, we’ll win those voters overwhelmingly. But we have to reach them."... (Read more)