AP updates story after avoiding political affiliation of Democrat on trial for murdering Las Vegas reporter

Posted 3 days ago


The Associated Press was the latest media outlet to avoid references to Clark County public administrator Robert Telles being a Democrat while reporting on his ongoing trial for allegedly killing a Las Vegas journalist.


Their latest coverage by Ken Ritter on Telles’ trial focused on Tuesday’s arraignment where the administrator appeared in court to be formally charged for lethally stabbing Las Vegas Review-Journal staff writer Jeff German after German wrote critical pieces about him. The original article clocked in at over nine hundred words and there was no reference to Telles’ political affiliation beyond being referred to as a "local elected official."

Later on Tuesday, multiple changes were made to the article without an editor's note, including identifying Telles as a Democrat in the second paragraph and noting "Telles lost the Democratic party primary in June" towards the middle. Fox News Digital reached out to the AP for comment but did not receive an immediate response.

"Robert Richard Telles, the Clark County public administrator, stood in court with shackles on his wrists, waist and ankles — but no longer with bandages on his forearms — while a Las Vegas judge told him he was charged with the ‘unlawful, senseless and heinous murder’ on Sept. 2 of veteran Las Vegas Review-Journal staff writer Jeff German," Ritter wrote in the previous version.

Various mainstream media outlets similarly buried or ignored Telles’ connection to the Democrat Party, simply referring to him as a "local politician" who allegedly attacked a journalist writing unfavorable coverage of him after losing a primary election.... (Read more)