Ex-FBI head James Comey set to release crime novel next spring

Posted 3 days ago


James Comey is ready to use his law enforcement experience to sell mystery novels.

Plans were revealed Tuesday for Comey, the ex-FBI director, to pen a book titled “Central Park West” about an assistant US Attorney who probes the Mafia’s possible ties to the murder of a local politician.

It would be the first of two novels from Mysterious Press written by Comey, who was unceremoniously fired by former President Donald Trump in 2017 after four turbulent years at the position.

“I’m excited to take readers inside fascinating worlds I’ve come to know from my time in government and the private sector,” Comey said in a statement.

“These stories are fiction, but, inspired by real work I’ve done, they will offer a rarely-seen view of interesting people and institutions.”

Comey served as an assistant US Attorney from 1996 until 2001.... (Read more)

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