Bill Maher clashes with liberal journalist who claimed Trump supporters 'have a lot to repent for'

Posted 4 days ago


"Real Time" host Bill Maher had a tense exchange with Puck News correspondent Julia Ioffe after she claimed that Trump supporters "have a lot to repent for."

During the "Overtime" segment where viewer questions are answered after the show on YouTube, Maher complained about the political polarization that has taken place across the country in recent years and how he doesn't want to be forced to "choose sides" since he finds things disagreeable with both parties.

Presidential historian and Biden speechwriter Jon Meacham spoke about how he's "friends" with many Republicans in his home state of Tennessee who don't like former President Trump and how "they want forgiveness but they don't want to repent."

"I ain't asking forgiveness for s---," country music legend Trace Adkins reacted, sparking laughter from the audience. "It's not personal, it's policy."

"It is personal. I think Trump made a lot of things personal," Ioffe said. "And when we talk about the division in this country, we can't talk about it as if it's a meteorological phenomenon that just happened, right? There were certain things that were done by certain people in certain institutions, Trump among them - very consciously, to divide this country, to prey upon the fissures that already existed and to make them wider and wider and wider to the point where we can't see each other across them."

"So it's not just like, ‘Oh my, this has happened.’ This was done in many ways on purpose by Trump… and so when we say it's not personal, it is personal. And I do think people who supported Trump and who enabled Trump do have something to apologize for and do have a lot to repent for," she continued.

"A man who calls countries s---hole countries, who tells congresspeople of color to go back to where they came from, who calls women pigs, who makes fun of their menstrual cycles, I could go on, and on, and on… And that people still follow him and think that's still okay… That is something that we have to talk about," she said.

"I would say most of the people I know who voted for Trump say, ‘The biggest mistake liberals make is thinking I like him’," Maher responded.... (Read more)