Gov. Ron DeSantis says prosecutors with ‘militant agendas’ won't ‘get away with it’ in Florida

Posted 5 days ago


The state attorney Gov. Ron DeSantis suspended Thursday morning put ideology over the rule of law, the Florida Republican told Fox News.

DeSantis suspended Andrew Warren after the state attorney pledged not to charge abortion patients or their doctors for illegally terminating pregnancies. Warren made the vow in June, days before a state law banning abortion after 15 weeks was set to effect.

"We had the individual here from Hillsborough County say and signed letters that there are certain laws he just won't enforce and won't prosecute," DeSantis told Fox News in an exclusive interview after a press conference where he announced the suspension. "States attorneys that put their ideology over the rule of law are not satisfying their oath of office."

DeSantis said during the press conference that Warren repeatedly refused to enforce laws the legislature passed cracking down on child sex change surgeries and abortion restrictions.

Warren tweeted last month: "The 15-week ban is unconstitutional on its face. Tallahassee knew it when it passed the bill hoping judges will ignore the privacy right in FL Constitution."

"I put my hand on the Bible and swore to defend the US & Florida Constitutions," Warren continued. "Florida’s Constitution has a privacy right that clearly covers abortion. While Tallahassee tries to circumvent the law, I will uphold the law and protect our freedom."... (Read more)

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