‘There’s no hope for men’ on dating apps, says man who can’t get a date

Posted 5 days ago


There’s plenty of fish in the sea — unless you’re a man, apparently.

In a now-viral TikTok rom-com, user Jeremy Cryer claims it’s much harder for men to find a match on dating apps compared to women, after finding out his female colleague matched with 39 men just two days after joining Hinge.

“There’s no hope for men,” Cryer declares in the two-part tale.

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“Do you realize for guys we have to wait, like, weeks to get likes, let alone a person that we are interested in to send us a ‘like’…[or] when we send them a ‘like,’ for them to accept it?” he incredulously says to his co-worker.

“We’re, like, shooting a basketball in the dark,” he continues. “Blindfolded, backwards, and hoping that it lands in a goal that’s almost smaller than the actual ball.”

Some people agreed with his assessment of the swipe-based app, saying they’ve experienced the same thing.

“I sat with my guy friend and we did a 5 minute bumble swipe where we had to swipe on everyone,” one woman wrote, agreeing with Cryer. “I got 55 matches he got 2. It’s so rough for guys.”

However, many women responded reminding Cryer that although the quantity of matches and responses are there, it doesn’t necessarily mean quality.... (Read more)