Pro-life teen attacked while canvassing in Kansas, says woman 'started hitting me with her fists'

Posted 6 days ago


Grace Hartsock was allegedly attacked while knocking on doors in Kansas to rally support for pro-life legislation. Hartsock said she was physically and verbally attacked while walking away from an angry resident’s home.

Hartsock was volunteering with the Students For Life Action to ask residents whether they would support the Value Them Both Amendment, which sought to add language to the state constitution that said "Kansas does not require government funding of abortion and does not create or secure a right to abortion."

Hartsock recounted the alleged attack on "Fox & Friends" Wednesday, saying she was walking away from a house when someone inside began yelling.

Initially, Hartsock told host Ainsley Earhardt, a woman answered the door and politely declined to speak. But as she was walking away, the person yelling from inside the house approached her.

"She came out of the house, started yelling, and then pushed me with both hands and started hitting me with her fists while I was walking down her driveway," Hartsock recalled.... (Read more)