Tattooed man who plans to become a 'black alien' wants leg AMPUTATED

Posted 61 days ago


A body modification enthusiast who dreams of becoming a 'black alien' now wants to amputate one of his legs after he had two fingers cut off so that his hand looks like a claw.

Anthony Loffredo, 33, has already covered his body - including his eyeballs - in tattoos and removed his nose and top lip in his bid to look like a 'black alien'.

The Frenchman, who documents his dramatic physical alterations for his 1.2 million followers on Instagram, now wants to go one step further by amputating his leg from the knee down.

Loffredo, who has previously revealed his extreme look has hindered him from finding work, said: 'It's something really hard because I have a healthy leg, and an amputation is something big.'

Despite Loffredo undergoing a number of surgical procedures - not least to split his tongue in half and remove his ears - he revealed that he is still '44 per cent' of the way to his goal of becoming a 'black alien'.

Loffredo said that he wants to alter his face further before he focuses on amputating his leg. He said: 'My next modification is my face, that's the next one.'

Loffredo has undergone surgery to have a hole cut through the skin below his bottom lip. He often posts images to Instagram of himself poking his forked tongue through the hole.

He has also had countless implants placed under his skin, which is almost completely tattooed black.

In a previous Instagram post, he had hinted at splitting his penis in two, prompting one social media user to reply: 'I knew you were stupid... but that much??'

Last year, Loffredo revealed he had surgery in Mexico to cut off his two fingers so that his hand looks like a claw.

Graphic images and video footage showed Loffredo lying on an operating table surrounded by surgeons as he raised up his hand to look at his new 'claw' in awe.

Loffredo revealed that he is preparing to remove two fingers from his right hand as well so that he can have matching 'claws'.

He wrote on Instagram: 'On the other side of the world to continue my project, the procedure is going well, one more dream that has just come true. Thank you for doing your top job, thank you Mexico from my heart. 34 per cent loading.'

Loffredo's controversial body modification transformation sparked praise - and dismay - among his Instagram followers.

One wrote: 'Oh my god you did it. I didn't believe it but it's true. I hope your body will adapt.'... (Read more)