Incumbent Republicans Make Clean Sweep in Utah Primary

Posted 41 days ago


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah—U. S. Congressional Republicans fended off electoral challenges in Utah’s June 28 primary, with U.S. Sen. Mike Lee (R) sweeping the floor with his closest rival Becky Edwards.

With roughly 78 percent of the votes counted, Lee has captured over 60 percent of the vote and Edwards 31 percent. Ally Isom (R) received just over 8 percent, according to Decision Desk HQ.

While many Utah voters were ready for a change with Edwards, Lee enjoyed solid support among Republicans as a champion of conservative values.

In 2010, Lee rode into his first term on a Tea Party wave after defeating three-term incumbent Sen. Bob Bennett in the Republican primary. He was reelected in 2016 after beating Democrat Misty Snow with nearly 70 percent of the vote.

Having no candidates in the primary, the Utah Democratic Party-backed Evan McMullin, an independent, who garnered 22 percent of the Utah vote against Donald  Trump in 2016.

Lee saw his staunchest opponent in Edwards, a former five-term Utah state representative, who ran as a unifier promising “better leadership, better politics, and better solutions.”

“Being a public servant means working tirelessly for our state alongside constituents and fellow leaders to solve problems,” Edwards said on her website. “That is exactly what I’ve done for my entire career.”

However, Lee clearly was the winner in terms of campaign fund-raising, garnering nearly $2 million. Edwards raised $1.2 million, and Isom $679,000.

Later in her campaign, Edwards became the target of conservative watchdog Project Veritas Action, in which Edwards expressed on hidden video her willingness to “stand up” for abortion.

In the footage, Edwards said, “I can absolutely guarantee you, I’m your best bet, and the only candidate who has even said anything other than, ‘joyful, happy, yay, answer to prayer,’ on what we’re seeing on Roe [vs. Wade].”

Lee ran into trouble after leaked text messages reportedly showed his support to overturn the 2020 election results.

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