Kamala Harris, DNC fundraiser ticket prices slashed amid low approval ratings: report

Posted 3 days ago


The Democratic National Committee (DNC) slashed their price for a photo with Vice President Kamala Harris at a women’s forum amid the veep’s cratering approval rating.

Harris was slated to appear at the DNC’s Women’s Leadership Forum this year as a headliner with a reported $15,000 price tag for a photo with the vice president.

The event ended up not selling enough tickets and was postponed along with the five-figure price tag for donors to have their picture taken with a sitting public servant.

However, those who want a picture with Harris and have $5,000 to burn, amid soaring inflation and rising gas prices, have another shot at getting their picture taken with Harris after the DNC reportedly slashed the price ahead of Harris’ June fundraiser in her home state of California, according to Puck News.

DNC deputy communications director Daniel Wessel told Fox News Digital that the leading Democratic body works with their "hosts and fundraisers to set specific ticket prices for each event."

"As has always been the case, there are a variety of ticket levels for every event as is pretty standard for finance events," Wessel said. "We’ve raised record amounts of money with help from both Vice President Harris and President Biden, so we’re going to continue to do what clearly works well for the party and our donors."

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