Pollster deflates Dem hope that Jan. 6 hearings will persuade voters: 'Not doing the damage' to Republican Party that Dems wanted

Posted 3 days ago


Pollster Frank Luntz predicted Sunday the highly publicized Jan. 6 hearings will not help Democrats improve their standing with voters ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

Luntz explained on Fox News' "Media Buzz" why Democrats will not benefit from the hearings.

First, voters are not being persuaded to support Democrats because of the one-sided nature of the hearings. The House Jan. 6 committee, in fact, has not called a single witness who counters the committee's narrative to testify publicly. The committee has not a single member who supports former President Donald Trump.

"You should have had counter-testimony, you should have had people challenging those witnesses," Luntz said. "But the conclusion that some people have come to is that this is simply the third attempt to impeach Donald Trump."

Second, voters simply care about more important issues.

"Make no mistake: This will have an impact on [Trump's] candidacy should he run," Luntz said. "But also make no mistake: Voters care much more ab... (Read more)