Joe Rogan 'Disgusted' by Trudeau's Opposition to Using Guns for Self-Defense

Posted 3 days ago


Joe Rogan used part of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #1831 to discuss how “disgusted” he was to hear Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s push against gun ownership.

Trudeau’s comments about guns were made on the Crooked Media podcast then reported by the Western Standard.

He said, “We have a culture where the difference is guns can be used for hunting or for sport shooting in Canada and there’s lots of gun owners and they’re mostly law respecting and law abiding.”

Trudeau added, “But you can’t use a gun for self-protection in Canada, that’s not a right that you have, in the constitution or anywhere else.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has told listeners of an American podcast that firearm owners in Canada don’t have the right to use their weapon in self-defence.

The Post Millennial posted a clip on Rumble in which Rogan talked about how “disgusted” he was after reading Trudeau’s statements about not being able to use a gun to protect life.

Rogan said, “It’s one of the most wild things I’ve ever seen in my life”:

On May 29 Breitbart News reported Rogan’s criticism of gun bans, which were being discussed in the wake of the Uvalde shooting.

He said, “It’s like, how do you stop that? No one knows ho... (Read more)

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