Washington Post columnist calls on the EPA to regulate carbon emissions as a 'toxic substance'

Posted 3 days ago


The Washington Post published an op-ed Monday calling for the Environmental Protection Agency to "regulate carbon as a toxic substance" in order to combat climate change.

Post columnist Eugene Robinson, argued humans are losing the battle against climate change and specifically blamed the United States for exacerbating climate change. He called for the country to take steps to decarbonize regardless of what other countries like China do.

"Yet we have to find a way to snatch an acceptable victory from the closing jaws of defeat, because the consequences of runaway climate change are no longer theoretical," Robinson wrote. "It is already too late to avoid long-term consequences from climate change. The carbon we have pumped into the atmosphere will be there for centuries."

Robinson expressed concerns that climate change will have drastic impacts in the future.

"But we can — we must — stop making the problem worse and mitigate what damage we can. The punishing impacts we are seeing now are minor compared to the horrors that will face future generations, who will curse us for foreseeing disaster yet refusing to prevent it," he wrote.

Robinson quoted James Hansen, who he described as "one of the world’s leading climate experts", as saying that "we should have started taking action [on climate change] decades ago." Hansen is petitioning the EPA to regulate carbon emissions as a toxic substance, which the Post columnist applauded.

"Hansen is among a group of scientists who are trying a novel approach to force our government to act more boldly. On Thursday, they filed an official petition with the Environmenta... (Read more)