NY Republican rips Hochul-backed cashless bail after serial carjacker drags, nearly kills officer

Posted 4 days ago


A Republican politician outside of New York City reupped criticism of cashless bail supported by Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul, as the trial for a serial carjacker released on ankle monitoring until he allegedly dragged and nearly killed a police officer using one of many stolen vehicles is slated to begin this week.

"Detective Hines is a hero whose distinguished career was cut short, and his life dramatically altered by a criminal set free as a result of Democrats' cashless bail laws," Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman said in a statement to Fox News Digital Sunday. "There's a pandemic of lawlessness sweeping the state fueled by the left's woke progressive policies, and our police and communities are paying the price."

"Governor Hochul should immediately repeal cashless bail and put the safety of law enforcement and law-abiding New Yorkers above the interests of criminals," he added.

At a recent press conference, Blakeman, with the approval of Nassau County Police Commissioner Pat Ryder, announced the promotion of Det. Ryan Hines to detective 1st grade. The event, hosted Wednesday, came the week before the trial for Matthew Garcia, accused of inflicting career ending injuries on Hines while out on cashless bail in 2020, is slated to begin Tuesday.

On April 21, 2020, Hines, a member of the Nassau County Police Department Burglary Pattern Team, caught up with Garcia driving a stolen 2018 BMW and attempted to place him under arrest.

Blakeman described how Hines was attempting to get the defendant out of the vehicle when Garcia allegedly decided to hit the gas and began dragging the detective alongside his vehicle.

The defendant then intentionally steered the stolen BMW toward the vehicle previously occupied by Hines, and this act caused Hines’ leg to be severely injured and crushed between the two vehicles, Blakeman said. Hines was forced to retire as a result of his injuries.

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