Deadspin refers to White fans watching Black NBA players as 'White supremacy'

Posted 42 days ago


Deadspin, a left-wing sports news site, referred to White fans watching Black players compete in the NBA playoffs as "white supremacy" on Monday.

"White fans were entertained by Black athletes a day after a racist killed Black people in Buffalo — this is what white supremacy looks like," the liberal site tweeted Monday, including a link to a column with the same headline.

The column, written by Deadspin's Carron J. Phillips, claimed, "Sports only serve as an escape from society if you're white," the Black players on the four teams competing in Sunday's playoff games "had to play" despite the Buffalo shooting happening just one day prior, and "no one seemed to care or ask them about it."

Phillips recalled that in the summer of 2020, "the NBA had ‘Black Lives Matter’ on the floor, players had social justice slogans on their uniforms, and Adam Silver was allowing — think about that for a second — Black people to kneel because the police love shooting Black people, the NBA — and the WNBA — were prioritizing the humanity of their players." Now, he complained, reporters weren't even asking the players about issues outside the game, mentioning the shooting and the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade as examples.

"When you’re a Black athlete in America, competing at the highest level as a form of entertainment to the rest of the world, all the while knowing that the majority of the people that cheer for you don’t think ... (Read more)