House Republicans to make protecting women's sports a 'priority' if they retake majority

Posted 43 days ago


FIRST ON FOX: House Republicans will make protecting women’s sports a "priority" should they take back the lower chamber after the 2022 midterms, Fox News Digital has learned.

The Republican Study Committee (RSC) is pushing to bring the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act, led by Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla., to the House floor via a discharge petition.

A senior GOP aide told Fox News Digital that "protecting women's sports will be a priority of a Republican majority."

A leadership aide also told Fox News Digital that Republican members view the issue as an important one.

Republican members are gearing up to tackle the issue should the House flip in November, with RSC Chairman Jim Banks of Indiana telling Fox News Digital, "Americans overwhelmingly support allowing girls to compete on an even playing field."

"Protecting women’s sports is a winning issue for House Republicans and we are more united than ever around it," Banks said. "For the sake of millions of female athletes, this bill absolutely should be a part of our post-2022 agenda."

Banks gave props to Steube for his leadership on the measure, thanking him, "Leader McCarthy and the over one hundred House Republicans who signed the Republican Study Committee’s discharge petition."

Steube told Fox News Digital that he had initially filed an amendment in the House Judiciary Committee for the Equality Act – which he said "completely redefined what a woman is and didn't keep the protections for Title IX" – that failed on a party-line vote.

The Florida Republican said after the amendment’s failure, he filed a standalone bill as well as made a motion to recommit on the House floor.

"And there's become so much attention to this issue because there are circumstance and example after example all over the country where this is happening," Steube said. "Every day, women are losing scholarships."

Steube pointed to the case of University of Virginia swimmer Emma Weyant, the collegiate swimmer who came in second place behind transgender Penn swimmer Lia Thomas, noting that Weyan... (Read more)